Ebb & Flow / 06.2018



In collaboration with Rachel Braude,

Jack Cripps and Guiseppe Ferigno



Contrasting views of land and sea are framed by two timber pavilions that young designers Studio Hark (of which Henri is a co-founder) have built on a beach in Norfolk, England.


Entitled Ebb & Flow, these small, temporary shell-like structures focus on notions of perspective and viewpoint, providing visitors with a place to sit and consider the framed views beyond.


The form of the pavilions; constructed from a series of concentric hexagonal frames; amplifies both views and sounds to land and sea, thereby creating two distinctly contrasting environments.


The timber frames sit atop gabion foundations filled with stones that seamlessly anchors the pavilions to the shingle bank. Viewed from a distance, the pair seem as if they have been caught on the beach during high tide.


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